What are some low porosity/protein sensitive products that are available in Canada?

Help me please!Through trial and error (and this website!), I've determined that my hair is low porosity and protein sensitive. My hair is always frizzy and dry and straw-like. I have 3b/3c hair.Things I've tried:Olive oil/coconut deep conditioner: DISASTER which is how I found out that my hair does not like proteins at all! Tresemme Naturals deep conditioner using heat: Left my hair feeling exactly as it normally does, dry and frizzy.Tresemme Naturals deep conditioner with Jojobo Oil: My hair DOES NOT like jojobo oil and made my hair even frizzier than normal.Baking soda/conditioner with Apple Cidar Vinegar rinse: Put 1/4 cup baking soda with 1 cup conditioner and massaged the scalp and scrunched in the ends of my hair to try and open up the cuticle to let some moisture in and then rinsed with a mix of apple cidar vinegar and water but my hair was as dry and frizzy as ever. Did not help to moisturize my hair at all.I wash with sulfate free shampoo and use Tresemme Naturals Conditioner (which I hear is discontinued!).My hair hates Deva Curl products, Jessicurl products and I've tried Kinky Curl Knot Today an it hated that too. All these products leave my hair dry, dry, dry and frizzy!I'm in Canada so most of the products listed on this website are not available to me (or if they are they cost WAY more than I am willing to spend on an 8oz bottle!). Anyone out there have any other suggestions? I'm open to trying anything! Right now, I just feel like shaving my head. I know that won't help with the problem since it's going to eventually grown back and the same thing would happen but it would be nice to not have to worry about hair for a while!I should also mention I very rarely style with heat (maybe 2 times a year, straight iron) and I 99% of the time air dry so I don't believe I have heat damage.

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