ok so i made a horrible mistake and i don't know what to do and i can't stop crying

Pleas please please....me being a dumb i followed a you tuber and used apple cider vinegar in my hair and barely any dilution....please anybody tell me what to do the front of my hair is long and stringy....im lost I'm confused i can't stop crying....it doesn't look brittle yet but idkkkkk but its definitely a different curl pattern from the back of my hair. i really need some one help...and cutting it isn't really an option being that I've done the big chop and I've been natural for 2 years....i can't start over lord 

1 Answer

Looks like it's damage , however your back is fine . The front (long piece) looks like it is not your natural pattern . Brfore u panic give it a few days of tlc watch it and see what it reacts to. This happens to me when I used a certain shampoo my hair did this . DO not cut it yet! Wash it and try to bring the curl pattern back . after a month and it doesn't change(it will) then make a move . I advise you going to a natural hair salon . Let this be a lesson , do not put all the shit you see online in your head . Food products are for your stomach . It's hilarious how natural will put eggs, yogurt , ground beef in there hair . But don't panic , it will come back . I need to see a better picture . Oh and start taking a hair vitamin asap it will help you grow out the damage . I recommend manematablism . I saw growth from these in less then two weeks .