Would it be ok for me to use DevaCurl No-Poo?

I'm currently recovering from protein overload. Recently, I did the big chop at a DevaCurl salon and my hairstylist used DevaCurl No-Poo as a co-wash and also sort of as a leave-in. It had tons of slip, melted away my tangles, and defined my curls quite well on it's own, so I thought I would try it out in my routine. I always read the ingredients in my products, and I noticed the No-Poo listed hops about halfway in the ingredients. Most of my other products had tons of proteins in them so I got rid of them and started anew with my products. So far, non of my products (clarifying treatment, rinse out conditioner, and deep conditioner) have protein in them. Which is why although I'm suffering from protein overload, I'm considering the No-Poo in order to keep my moisture/protein levels balanced. But I'm afraid I will make my protein overload worse. So would it be ok for me to incorporate the No-Poo into my routine? I also need recommendations for gentle shampoos. Sorry this is a bit long. Thank you in advance!add. info about my hairchin-length, thick, mix of 3a (just a bit), 3b, 3c, mostly 3b, low-porosity, dry and in desperate need of moisture, my hair tends to like lighter products. 

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