Protein free shampoo and conditioner

Hi everyone, long time since I have posted here! I am having some problems with my hair and I am searching for a protein free shampoo and conditioner, preferably which I can find at the drug store.I am not CG , yes I have tried it and it was not for me. My hair is fine and my scalp gets oily and itchy if the products are too heavy, but I also have dryness and frizz.Just thought of one more thing to ask; is coconut oil considered protein? What about other natural oils like soy bean oil?Thanks for any of your input!

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Coconut oil acts similar to protein in protein sensitive hair. Olive oil and grapeseed are safer if you are concerned with sensitivity. I believe Tresemme Naturals Conditioner is protein free and inexpensive. The GVP Conditioning Balm from Sally Beauty is really popular and only $7. For shampoo, VO5 Blackberry Sage shampoo has biotin as the LAST ingredient so there is a really good possibility that you won't have any issue with it! And for $1-2 it is worth a try! I am very sensitive to Cocomidopropyl Betaine, it is a cleansing surfactant in many sulfate free shampoos but for some people it matts their hair terribly and I'm one of them! But it might work for you - not sure if it is a protein issue but it is a coconut based product (like most shampoo cleansing ingredients).  Yes To Carrots Nourishing Shampoo and Yes to Cucumbers Shampoo look like they might be protein free too. Suave Naturals has protein free shampoo --but with harsher sulfates and since your hair is dry this wouldn't be my first choice unless you have an awesome conditioning option! I had a similar experience with the CG method when I started. My hair is fine and my skin/scalp is oily. I got a very itchy scalp at first and realized I needed to shampoo more than I was that cured it. I am super happy now with Shea Moisture shampoos (I have a few but the Superfruit 10 in 1 is my HG and the most cleansing so far) and if I want to co-wash, I use VO5. I kept a hair journal and kept trying different intervals between washing/co-washing and that helped. The pay off for me was discovering what I was sensitive to, what worked and also finding a lot more curl than I'd ever had before! Do you know what proteins you are sensitive to? My hair hates grains and vegetable protein most but if there is some oil in the product that helps. But, my hair loves Keratin, Silk and Collagen proteins and it helps my curls a lot. I returned whatever products made my hair feel matted after I tried them and kept using that money to find something that worked. No shame. Best let us know what you found and how it goes!
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thanks guys for your replies.I am getting so fed up with my hair. Recently it is so dry and unruly. I didn't realize every product I was using contained protein.The proteins I have been using are wheat and keratin.