How to reverse the curl tightening effects of Epsom salt water? I want my natural curl pattern back!

I did a "float session" while on vacation in NYC. It was a personal sized pool that was 10" deep and had 800 lbs of epsom salt in it. I wore a swim cap but unfortunately my hair still got exposed to the salt water. Now I'm noticing my curl pattern has changed and my hair is frizzier. Is there anything I can do to get my natural curl pattern back or are the effects of Epsom salts permanent? 

2 Answers

What did you wash your hair with?
Did you wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo? If not, try that (I recommend kinky curly clean shampoo) and then follow up with conditioning your hair with a wash-out  conditioner and then a deep conditioning mask. I've even heard of people clarifying their hair, then following up with moisturizing shampoo, then conditioning it as they normally would. You may even want to put in a leave-in conditioner (kinky curly knot today) after you deep condition.  I hope this helps. :)