Is there a searchable ingredient database for CG approved ingredients?

Hi...  I am just a few weeks into learning the CG method.  I was a straight haired girl for 47 years - but am now a curly/wavy girl (a gift from chemo).I have already treated myself to some nice big bottles of NoPoo, LowPoo, ConditionOne, Heaven in Hair, Gel ect.  But I have a huge collection of other products I want to either throw away or allow myself to use. The problem is, I keep finding contradictions and unclear advice on all the different ingredients for the non Devacurl products. We know about the cones and the diff alcohols ect. but there are so many other ingredients that seem questionable and I've just spent hours trying to find out if they are CG approved. And I still don't know for sure.It seems that many people ask... is this "product" CG approved? is this "ingredient" CG approved? and it's one little question at a time and lots of curly girls running around confused and unsure. I spent hours in Rite Aid today just trying to understand what I can and can't use. It's very frustrating. Looking online here, I see that I am not the only one frustrated.  I thought... well there must be a searchable ingredient database for CG approved ingredients right? That would be great... just enter the ingredients one at a time and thus find out if your product is ok... right?  But I can find no such thing online. And even the approved products online change now and again (as manufacturers change ingredients).  Have I missed it? Does it exist?I love CG method ideas. I am trying to fully commit to this method. Please tell me that there is such a searchable database, or that there is one in the works. Thanks!

2 Answers

Here are CG articles:10 Drugstore Finds that Follow the Curly Girl Method15 Curly Girl Approved Products 
I had the same problem at first, and haven't found any 'database' type thing. There are lots of lists though, I keep a small list with the prefixes and suffixes that are no-nos in my purse and I've slowly gotten better at recognizing problem ingredients. (I've also found that some of the products on the above linked lists aren't actually CG approved).