Are shampoos with silicones curly-girl method?

I've been on the CG method for a year now and I've read the book cover to cover.     Lorraine Massey states that you should avoid sulfates in shampoos and silicones in conditioners and styling products. I've perused this site for CG-friendly products and a lot of the shampoo and cowash suggestions contain Dimethicone and Amodimethicone, which are not water soluble. Does this mean that these products are not actually suitable for the curly girl method?

1 Answer

Hi, the risk if you use products with non water soluble silicones is to end up with build up as co-washing products generally aren't enough to get rid of them. If you're willing to use a clarifying  shampoo regularly (at least once a month) then that's not a problem. By the way silicones aren't the only ingredients that can cause build up : heavy oils and waxes, polyquaterniums and some other quaternary ammonium (it generally ends with "onium" in the ingredient list like behentrimonium methosulfate or stearalkonium chloride) can too.To read a two page article about quaternary ammonium and others surfactants click here (the article gets a bit technical but there's a lot of interesting informations.