Shea butter issues

    I have shoulder length 3b hair that is low porosity and usually only reacts well to a mousse as a styling product. My hair gets very dry and I've found that if I let it dry and then rub slightly hand warmed raw shea butter through it it's like magic, my curls are hydrated, bouncy and healthy.     Because my hair reacts so well to Shea when it's dry I've been trying products that include Shea (mostly conditioners). My hair hates them! It really bothers me that my hair looks like a dry, sticky mess for half of my work day and then, after drying and Shea application, looks healthy and happy. Does anyone know what the problem might be or how I can get the benefits of Shea without looking like a drowned poodle first?   Realizing this sounds grumpy, I had someone at work tell me that my hair "looks like a ratty birds nest" last week so I'm feeling a little antagonistic.....     

1 Answer

Try putting the raw shea butter when your hair is wet. Your hair might not like the hair products that contain shea butter because the shea butter they are using might not be raw, and could be processed with the ingrdients in the products. Also, experiment with products that actually work with your hair. Raw shea butter is a start. So just keep looking.