2B fine, possibly porous on top, need product recommendations

Hi, I am new to the curly girl method, about 3 weeks in. I read the curly girl handbook and mainly feel like I need product recommendations for my hair. It's expensive to keep trying to find those HG products! I have been sulfate and paraben free for a few years. I just learned about silicones, so I have stopped all silicones and clarified. I have what I think is mostly 2B hair with some waves a little looser more like 2A (the back and sides), and the very top is more 2C with a few spirals. The top is a little porous from highlights and Sun. I would like any affordable product recommendations and routine tips. I'm interested in the shea moisture line, but will it be too heavy? I have already read and learned so much on this site. Thanks!I am using,Lopoo-Giovanni 2chic coconut milk and BlackBerry ultra repair shampoo, it's okConditioner-Giovanni 2chic coconut milk and BlackBerry ultra repair, it doesn't give much slip, my hair felt tangled after rinsing, and it's too sticky to use as a leave in. Olive oil and coconut oils for overnight conditioning before I shampoo. LA Looks gel, it's okI've tried, Pantene truly natural cowash, made my head itchy and the ingredients weren't natural at all.As I am coconut cowash, not enough slip, almost made my hair feel rough and tangled while wetAs I am so much moisture leave in, felt great at first but by the end of the day made my hair feel kinda sticky.Devacurl curl goddess gel, just not enough holdPantene curl whip mouse-I like this but I think it has parabens

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You sound like me. I bought a ton of products at first (only been CG a few months) but returned things I didn't like if the return policy allowed for that after trying. You mentioned your hair feeling rough and tangled with the As I Am co-wash. This sounds like you have some protein sensitivity so I would bet you are low porosity except where you have damage (on top). That means that you can also be sensitive to coconut which As I Am has in most of their products. If this is the case you can use only a few of the Shea Moisture products. My hair doesn't like coconut either. It feels like matted mess even with a rich coconut conditioner on it! The tricky part is that most sulfate free shampoos use a coconut derivative surfactant/cleansing agent. I cannot tolerate Cocomidopropyl Betaine at all. But I can do Decyl Glucoside which are in both my Shea Moisture shampoos (10 in 1 Superfruit; and Manuka Honey and Mafura oil. The latter is much richer the former gets my hair really clean and I can almost do 4 days on it!)  I have the 10 in 1 conditioner too but won't get the Manuka Honey one b/c I think there's coconut too close to the beginning of the ingredients. Some of my products have coconut farther down the list b/c it is really hard to find many without but they usually include some other oils which help dilute it so it doesn't effect  my hair negatively. If you have low-porosity hair there is more benefit to doing conditioning after shampoo based on the ph changes and the cuticle being more open once it's warm. I love co-washing with V05 conditioner a few times before I need to shampoo. If you need more moisture try Suave Naturals (I avoid the coconut b/c it matted my hair) and Tresemme Naturals is even richer. It could be a good rinse out to try.  These 3 have tons of slip and feel great on the hair. I like Kinky Curly Knot Today as my leave in b/c my low porosity hair won't absorb thicker products well and they will just sit on my hair and weigh it down. But some people use the V05 as a leave in as well. Super economical! I follow with Kinky Curly Curling Custard as a curl enhancer and then LA Looks gel to lock it in. Scrunch out the crunch when dry and I have soft fluffy waves that last and don't feel dry or hard like other gels do for me. Some gels or other stylers with too much protein, Aloe or Glycerin made my hair feel dry or frizzy. So this is my glycerin, aloe free routine that is working for me right now in the Summer. Hope some of that might work for you!