2B/3A hair. Very dense, but fine. Curls fly away!

I have combination 2B/3A hair. It tends to be straighter at the top. My top layers are constantly frizzy with ugly pieces that aren't really curly or wavy, they just go all the wrong ways and look messy. My bottom layers, however, tend to be much tighter and more coily, with a lot less frizz. I have a ton of hair that people call "thick" but it is in fact actually very fine. I'll love the way it looks after it is dried with product in it and defined, but it is so fine that within an hour or two (especially if it is windy at all!) my curls separate, become puffy, and lose all definition. I usually use some sort of curl cream for moisture and either a mouse with good hold, or a cream like gel. Unless I use enough to make my hair crunchy this always happens! Any thoughts, tips, or product recommendations? (I'm also struggling still with getting used to the hair cut I got over the summer. My hair is much less curly when it's shorter!)

2 Answers

You have such pretty curls. I think what might be the problem is you're not using something with enough hold. Are you using silicones in your hair products? Silicones get a bad rap around here because they're not water soluble, but it sounds like that's what you need. Sounds like your products are not holding against the elements. If you're not using silicones, that means that your hair product can easily be washed off with high humidity air, wind, water, etc. I recommend trying Ouidad Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel. I never have frizzy curls when I use that, and the hold is so nice it lasts a couple of days. If you find it's a little too crunchy for you, use less. Or, use a light serum to get the crunch out. I'm loving Carol's Daughter Marula Oil blend. It smells great and it gets the crunch out of any products. Here are the products: http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlproducts/view/64... http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlproducts/view/10...Good luck! I think your curls are beautiful, you just need to find products you love.
I LOVE your curls!  I have the same problem with my fine 2C/3A curls that don't hold throughout the day. I would definitely put it up in a pineapple at night.  It really saves your curls.