3 to 4 wks ago i bleached my hair. Just the front and i put a texturizer on top of it. Hair came out

i bleached my hair about 4 wks ago . Then i put a texturizer on it. went to washed out the texturizer my haironly in the front came out in patches what can i do to grow it back in.

1 Answer

your hair  came out because it  was  over processed. Ideally it would've  been better  to do the first process then wait a few weeks before applying the texturizer. Applying too many harsh chemicals back to back will weaken and destroy the protein structure of the hair which causes extreme breakage. When harsh chemicals are applied and touch the scalp, the follicles go into a state of shock causing them to be unable  to effectively hold on to the hair strands. It would be best to stay away from chemical application  to your hair for awhile to  give the follicles  time to recover so healthy hair can grow. In the meantime, you can research hair professionals to consider for any future hair ambitions.