My 3B hair is so dry and brittle! Are there any products specifically for adding softness?

I have a 3B hair type. It's generally as healthy as it can be, as I've only flat ironed it maybe four times in the past year, but I have dyed it. Problem is, I currently use store-bought products like Garnier, and I co-wash maybe once a week/condition daily every other day with Tresemme. Every time I lay my head down on my hubby's arm, he has to move it because he says my hair is too "prickly"! I hate this! I've wanted to emphasize softness/shine in my hair. Please guide me in the right direction of which products I could use?

1 Answer

I would say add a little of Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie! It makes my dry 4b hair super! Duper! Soft! Try it ! -Rahmat The 12 Year Old Hair Expert