What are some affordable deep conditioning products for 3a hair?

I'm looking to add definition and moisture to my curls. I'm only one month in to having natural hair and my hair is really damaged from straightening, brushing, and coloring for so many years.

2 Answers

Hi XtiMarie, Investing in a good deep conditioner is a smart idea. It's really the one product I don't mind splurging on because it will last you a long time, and is great for your hair in the long run. If your hair is damaged, you want something that will help your repair your hair. I've heard great things about ApHogee Curlific! Texture Treatment, and it's reasonably priced. Take a look at our deep conditioner page at CurlMart. You can sort by price and find something affordable. http://Shop.NaturallyCurly.com/category/deep-conditioners/ Good luck! 
When I'm on a budget, I like to add honey and a penetrating oil to my rinse out conditioner.