Anyone know where to get disposable shower caps for longer hair?

As my hair gets longer, I've found that I can't really fit all my hair into a standard disposable shower/processing cap, which I use for DTs and when I touch up my roots with henna. I've checked at my local Sally beauty store and a couple of local drug stores but what they have in stock all seem to be the same standard size. Anyone know if there's a place that sells larger disposable shower/processing caps for longer, thick hair? Years ago I used to use plastic grocery store shopping bags, but with how many stores recycling their bags these days (which I think is a good thing!), I'm a little gun-shy about using those because who knows what may have been in the bags before. Eek! Thanks in advance for any help!

3 Answers

I am not sure how long your hair is but I use these from
Thank you! I was reading some of the reviews for the product you linked and some people left critical reviews saying they were too small. The first thing I noticed in the product description was that it said they were "extra large" yet it also said "one size fits all" I was like, how does that work? Ha! When my hair is stretched it goes to almost the bottom of my shoulder blades but curls hit just past my shoulders. My hair is fairly thick too, densely packed, and I'm in the process of growing it out even longer. Based on that, any further feedback you may have on how these caps might work for me would be appreciated! I mean they are cheap but I'd just hate to be stuck with a hundred of them if they're too small like some of the reviewers were saying! :)
My hair is thick and down past the middle of my back (to my waist when stretched). I used these for my henna and deep conditioning. Good luck in your search.