Are there any less expensive products I can use on my natural hair that will work well?

4 Answers

I suppose it depends on what price range you're looking for? I haven't found anything cheaper than what I use that works well.... vo5 coconut conditioner for a co wash (less than a dollar a bottle), nature's gate aloe vera conditioner as a daily/detangler/leave-in (~$6-7 a bottle, or less if you have access to the commissary), fruit of the earth aloe vera gel for a styling product (~$4 a bottle), and homemade deep treatments using various recipes floating around the internet. If your budget is a little more flexible pretty much all of the SheaMoisture line is pretty affordable ($10-12 per product). Hope this helps!
I use the gionanni line and eco styler gels. You can get a lot of gel that lasts a long time. has amazing prices on natural products and they carry the giovanni line. I get the direct leave in for $4.89. I usally buy 5 at a time though. buy the eco styler gel at sally's online. You get a 32oz tub of gel for $5.19.,default,pd.html
I really like the la bella lots of curls gel, its only a dollar and some change & it comes in a HUGE bottle. it defines curls really well & its really easy to scrunch out the crunch & have really pretty natural looking curls that last all day.
Get this organic shampoo called Pro Natural’s moroccan argan oil shampoo. You can get it online because it's a salon brand. This one takes care of frizz, plus if you get their argan oil and use it after a shower you'll definitely see an improvement :)