Aubrey Organics Caused Extra Shedding When Washing???

So a while ago I had bought some Aubrey Organics shampoo and conditioner. I bought the Blue Chamomile shampoo and the GPB Balancing conditioner. The two of them together make my hair so soft and my curls are super defined and shiny. I had stopped using them but I could not remember why. So for the last several months I had been using Giovanni's 50/50. I didn't realize that I was out of Giovanni until I decided to wash my hair today so I found the Aubrey Organics under my sink and decided to use it. While I was washing my hair I noticed that there was a lot of shed hair coming out as I washed my hair. Even after I was done washing and was applying my leave-in I was still removing loose strands from the ends of my hair. I have a lot of shedding. My hair is perfectly healthy but it just sheds a lot. Most of which comes out when I wash my hair. However even for me that was a lot of hair. Is that normal with Aubrey Organics products? Has anyone else had this happen? 

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