Bentonite Clay Question

I know that this clay is said to detox the hair but I have not found anything to explain why it stretches your natural curl pattern. Can someone explain this to me or send a link of an explanation why this is.

1 Answer

Weirdly enough, I haven't been able to find one ANYWHERE either. There's even a woman who kind of approaches the subject scientifically and she doesn't explain why this might be happening either. She just finds that it elongates curl more and for a longer amount of time and that it actually isn't as deep of a cleanser as we tend to think (about as good as conditioner, which is pretty good, but not better than shampoo....though mixed with ACV....maybe). Personally, I think it might be due too a clumping effect that it has. As the curls cling together, they may weigh each other down more, causing the elongation. Other people have speculated that it's due to their hair being so well mositurized.