Best care line for soft, shiny, healthy hair for eczema allergy sufferer?

While blessed with 3B hair, I also have severe eczema with a lot of allergies to boot. I have been bouncing between products since I was young, and even more so once I've discovered that I'm allergic to most inorganic ingredients. I'm currently using a so-so cheaper conditioner, but it's reacting horribly with my scalp (open sores and scabs all over my scalp, dry and itchy all the time), and am looking for a better option.Amongst my allergies are oats and fragrance (both oil and inorganic based), and I shy away from anything I cannot understand on the label. I like understanding what's in my care products, as it keeps my skin healthy. As a base, I have tried all sorts of dermatological, prescription shampoos and conditioners, and all of those I remember set off my skin and absolutely terrorize my hair. I have had all of these allergies tested by skin pricks (over 70 total), a full blood panel multiple times, and patch testing (imagine giant band-aids with wells, each filled with a different potential allergen. You keep it on for three days, without washing, and just let all of that react with your skin, taking a reading at the end of the three days, and a final reading two-three days later. It's an adventure).What would be a good product line to try with dry skin, dull hair, and 3B curls?Thank you for your input and time!Lily

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