What is the best curl activator/gel for lazy 2C hair for frizz free shiny curly hair?

My hair has an underlayer that's more ringlet-y and curly. I have low porosity(hair prefers protein free hair products and likes emollients such as shea butter, jojoba oil, coconut oil, mineral oil, humectant products and hair milks), high density, coarse and medium length hair. Also i have a double crown and the hair around this feels like straw.I live in Australia where it currently is winter. Can anyone help me?

3 Answers

So far I have had a hard time finding a gel that was good for frizz that was protein free to be honest. You better look for a milk or a leave-in that is formulated for thinner hair so it doesn't weigh your hair down, considering you have a 2C texture. You already know what your hair likes, so you know plenty! As long as you give your hair what it needs, your frizz will be tamed and the curls will look perfectIf you pick a product that is too rich, you will end up with looser waves and less volume due to the product weight, instead of curls.You can always pair it up with a serum or organic coconut oil if you find your hair needs the extra nutrition.
when washing your hair leave in your conditioner. Then wrap your hair in a cotton t shirt until 50% dry if it doesn't start showing a little volume flip it over and shuffle your fingers through the roots on the sides and in the front. If you have thinner hair and you have the frizz controlled naturally then you might want to blow dry it so that it doesn't get crunchy. Lol hope this helps!
I would apply a hair milk or moisturizer to your hair when it's soaking wet, just out of the shower, then blot it dry or wrap with a tshirt or microfiber towel. I let my hair air dry and when it's still damp I apply a curl cream by scrunching it through my ends to encourage the curl. To prevent frizz I suggest using a product with good hold (flaxseed gel by Jakeala is a good natural one) and if your hair feels too crunchy then you can break apart the crunch by lightly scrunching again with your fingers. I also use @Alanarachel's technique of flipping my head forward and shuffling my fingers at the roots for volume and to reduce the look of frizz.