Best curl products for long hair?

Hi, I have 2c/3a hair that is very long, about waist length. I don't want to cut it, but the length of it makes my curls lose definition very easily, and they become frizzy and more wavy. Does anyone know of any curl products I can use to define my curls more while retaining the length? (It's become such a problem that 10 minutes after washing/drying/diffusing my hair, it begins falling flat. please help)

2 Answers

Hi, you may want to try a curl defining/clumping technique like rake and shake or finger curling. What I like to do to my hair is applying a light gel with the praying hand method while my hair is still soaking wet and smooth between my fingers or the palm of my hands each individual curl. Then I scrunch gently to activate the curls and to squeeze out the exceeding water and then I let it air dry without touching my hair anymore until it's dry or I diffuse it. Some like plopping.Click here to learn about the rake and shake methodClick here to learn about the praying hand methodClick here to learn about ploppingClick here for some products suggestion
Im 2b , very long heavy but fine hair. A few products that really work for me are1. OGX Creamy Hair Butter argan oil ( my leave in ) a *tiny dab on wet hair2. Cantu Define and Shine Custard ( my styler , I finger coil, air dry, the blow dry roots)3. African Pride Kinky Curly Custard ( styler , I choose one not both), only seen it at Dollar generalIm not fully CG ( cant spend that kind of $ ) But my hair is super healthy and beautiful. Mine is Mid back length below bra.Good luck.