What is best product for hair that is type 3A in front and sides but 2A in back? Back is very dry!

I am trying to go back to wearing my hair curly.  I am type 3A in front and sides but type 2A in back.  My hair in the back is not defined at all but I have this huge amount of curly hair the front.  All my hair is dry and frizzy.  My sides are getting better but my back is just a frizzy mess.  Any suggestions on product?  Do I need to use two different products since I have two different types of curl?

1 Answer

Sleep with it in a ponytail/loop/loose bun/whatever works on the top of your head (ideally on a satin pillowcase -- cheap from SALLY or ULTA -- but that isn't as important). Wet it in the morning somewhat (not shower-wet -- a lot of us use spray bottles, but the sink may be sufficient for now), turn your head upside-down, detangle it, and scrunch in your favorite styling product from the ends on up to the roots. Your hair is probably just flat from sleeping. As for the dryness, even wavies need lots and lots of conditioner in multiple applications. 2-3 times a week, I use a sulfate-free shampoo or co-wash, then (respectively) a deep conditioning masque or a regular conditioner, and then a leave-in conditioner. Often, I will need to add in a styling milk/styling lotion on the second or third days because my ends are still very dry. I will stop short of recommending specific products -- to get more information on those, search the articles on this site or take the quiz on SheaMoisture's site to find out your hair's porosity.