Best products for 2b/2c hair? (co-washes, deep conditioners, gels (especially), etc.)

I'm Asian (Chinese) and I have extremely, extremely thick, coarse wavy/curly hair. I think it's 2b but I'm not quite sure. It's very dry with absolutely no shine and really frizzy all the time. I'm 16 and for the last few years I've just been putting my hair up in a bun every single day so I've never really thought about using product but I'm trying to embrace my hair, except idk what to use?Idk if this means anything but I have straight, flat hair on bottom but everything on top is huge and wavy/curly. I have a lot of volume, everywhere from the roots to the ends.I've been using shea moisture's curl enhancing smoothie but my hair is still extremely frizzy with no definition. I've read some good reviews on Ouidad's heat and humidity gel, is that any good?Basically I just want to know some good products that may help with my hair type and maybe some important curly hair routines that I'm not aware of?Thanks a lot!

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