What are the best products for 2c-3a hair types?

I have 2c-3a curls. My hair is 3a at the bottom and flatter on top. I'm looking for a wash and go product that will make my curls more defined/curly, give me more volume and reduce frizz. Is this possible? I like my hair to look natural. I don't like the crunchy look that some gels give me. Another thing is that I have pretty fine hair… Are there any good products that you may recommend me? My main problem is that my bottom curls are ALWAYS defined -I love that-, but the ones on top tend to flatten out.

4 Answers

I would recommend trying a hair milk like Carol's Daughter or Shea Moisture. Also, finger twirling your hair with a smoothing conditioner like L'Oreal's EverCurl or EverCreme or Silk Elements keratin line from Sally's may help. Here's a list of products designed to work for your hair type:http://www.naturallycurly.com/search/index/?bq=%28and+product_attributes%3A%27frizz+control%27+hair_type_facet%3A%272c%27%29&type=product&sort=-rating
thank you so much! I'll check all these products out! Great answer!
My go to staples areEverCurl by L'Oreal Paris, Sheamoisture, Ouidad and DEVA - some raising stars are VERB, AG, Ojon, Dove, PanteneYou can see Editor Picks by Hair Type herehttp://www.naturallycurly.com/editors-choice-2014
I think we have similar hair.! My hair is more wavy2c from my roots but my ends are a 3a type curl. Did you ever find a product combo that worked good for you.? My hair tends to get weighed down easily :( so im on the hunt for good products. Photo is my hair no product