What are the best products for 3b low porosity hair

ok here is my problem I have done the big chop twice the first time it was ok I was using Cantu products but it made my hair feel heavy,sticky at times but i thought it was moisturizing my hair..... long story short i went back to a perm, then decided a 1 1/2 years later to give the big chop another try. My problem is that I found out that I have low po hair. I have bought everything under the sun! I have tried  wetting my hair,oil and a moisturizer but when my hair dries my hair feels and looks dry,dull and brittle. I refuse to use Cantu because of my past experience. Please Help

1 Answer

Hi, I feel your pain and have had similar challenges. What has worked for me is MicMas Remix My Mix. www.micmasremix.com A lot of products have so many ingredients that make matters worse for my hair. This is why I decided to use an organic and natural product to combat the issue. MicMas Remix My Mix allows me to choose the oils and butters that benefit my hair best. When I buy it I choose grapeseed oil, argan oil, honey and a little mango butter. These ingredients are great for low porosity hair. Since doing this there's been a huge improvement in my hair and it's overal health. Now I swear by this stuff!