Best products/styling routine for 2B/2C- I have low porosity, coarse width, & high density :(

I am right in the middle of a 2B/2C curl pattern, and I have low hair porosity (which I feel is the main contributor to my frizz issue), coarse hair width, high hair density, and my hair length is just a little bit past my shoulders.I am really struggling with finding a good routine when I wear my hair curly (yes.... I am straightening my hair right now....) that keeps the frizz to a minimum.  My last go-to was John Frieda Dream Curls Spray, followed by Herbal Essences Curl Scrunching Gel , and then John Frieda Moisture Barrier Firm Hold Hairspray -- I let my hair air dry.  Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!!! Thanks!!!!!!!

1 Answer

Look into the Curly Girl Method. Getting rid of silicones and sulfates will help! I have LP hair too but mine is very fine, low density and a psychotic mix of 2a-3a. LOL I like Suave Clarifying conditioner as a co-wash and then use a sulfate free shampoo from Shea Moisture (the coconut and hibiscus line although I am not married to it). I love the Shea Moisture (SM) Manuka Honey deep conditioner as well as Hask Keratin protein packs. For styling I don't have a minimal routine I use the LOC method which stands for Leave In (or some people say liquid), Oil, Cream. I use Kinky Curly Knot Today, SM Coconut & Hibiscus Dry Oil Mist, and Deva Curl Curl Cream. Then I use the Deva Curl Mousse as my hold product. It took me a lot of months, hair journaling and trial and error (return what you don't like whenever possible!!!) My curl pattern really came alive when I got rid of silicones and got my hair in better health which it has to be in order for the curls to look good. Curls need moisture. Skip the John Frieda stuff. Check out RockynCurls and CurlyPenny on YouTube and I think you will have a lot of improvement! Best.