What would be the best shampoo & Conditioner & other products to use for curly hair?

2 Answers

There's a world of products out there to choose from when it comes to cleansing and conditioning curly hair, including the Curly Girl method, which advises women with curls to conditioner wash or co-wash only. Start by identifying products specifically designed for curly or textured hair.  Products designed for dry or damaged hair usually contain extra emollients and humectants, and work well too.  I'd start by looking around Curlmart, where you can shop for products based on your hair type. I personally love SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo and Karen's Body Beautiful Luscious Locks Hair Mask.
For 15 years I have searched for the "perfect" recipe for my unruly, naturally curly, dry, frizzy and very coarse hair. I am half Caribbean and half Scottish so I have double the thickness and coarseness. The best shampoo and conditioner combo I have come cross is Hask's Macademia Oil - Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner (Sulfate Free). It leaves my hair incredibly light and soft. As well, it seems to take a bit longer for the humidity to set in (my worst enemy!). I finish off with Hask Macademia Oil. This stuff is a miracle...I carry it in my pocket or handbag at all times. This amazing combo can be found in most grocery and drug stores for a very reasonable price :-)