Best Type Wavy Leave-In Conditioners/Creams/Gels?

very new to this "hair type" news because I never realized how many numerous types of curly heads there were, and that they all need different care, treatment, routines. I think I have type 2b wavy hair, with no product in it whatsoever. I'm using Tresemme shampoo and conditioner currently, the Moraccan High moisturizing bottles. I typically don't do much "primping" with my hair, I'm a wash, rinse, apply a cream; style; air dry and go type of girl. Don't like spending a long time playing with my hair.So I was wondering, what are some excellent leave-ins, style/defining/frizz free creams or gels? That I could add to my normal S/C method.

1 Answer

Is your hair color treated, dry, fine, thick, frizzy? What is your climate like where you live?