Better routine?

I have 2a-2c hair that is I think high porosity. I currently use devices product line. I'm looking at Deva curl though and not sure what might be good. My hair absorbs product period also dandruff that never leaves. What might be a good option for a routine to make my hair soft like devices but get it clean and non sticky feeling?

1 Answer

I'm not a DC fan. For me and many others, it made my scalp itchy and also felt coated and heavy over time. It's also a bit more pricey than some other good brands. I'm a fan of Shea Moisture for many reasons and they have a lot of different scents/lines to try. The Coconut and Hibiscus is a big favorite. I also like the Superfruit 10 in 1 line. They also offer a dandruff line!