Blow dryer recommendations

I am in the market to purchase a blow dryer/diffuser. There are so many brands, I think you ladies/gents can relate to the overwhelming select out there. Can anyone recommend a brand? HELP a sista out here. Appreciate it.

2 Answers

I will not use any other diffuser than the Devacurl diffuser. I've tried various other typical diffusers, but this one definitely works the best by far for me. It dries my hair much quicker and keeps my curls defined. I've used it for years now and I won't go back! Since you're looking for a dryer too, you might want to check into getting their hair dryer that comes with the diffuser. The Devacurl dryer actually hadn't been released on the market yet when I needed a new hair dryer, so I haven't tried their dryer yet. Here's the link: Devacurl dryer
Can depend on how much you want to spend.  DevaCurl is good, Babybliss, even Revlon and Conair.  They just need to have ionic, tourmaline, and/or ceramic.  I've found that these reduce frizz and help maintain moisture.  Of course go for the ones with the diffuser attachment.