blue magic coconut oil. I just heard it's not the best, what could I replace it with? 4a/4b

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What do you need it for? Moisture? If so, Oyin Handmade Hair dew is BOMB! If you are looking for cost efficiency because aint nobody trying to go broke...This Eden Coconut Shea Creme is pretty boss. The only real reason its "not the best" in my opinion is because the product is build up central. Like... you need a straight up sulfate to get it out of your hair. 
Thank you so much for the feedback. This is helpful. I'll be looking into those products :-)
Hello donizcute! Coconut oil is a bit heavy on hair, it doesn't absorb as well as other oils and it’ll take ages to wash it out after. You should go online and get a product called Pro Natural’s argan oil, that stuff is the best for dry hair, it makes it really soft and strong and you won't get dry ends or anything. It's way lighter than coconut oil and it has more benefits for your hair too! :)
real coconut oil