Blue Magic hair grease

People keep saying that that blue magic hair grease isn't good for your hair, but last year in 7th grade that was the only product I used and my hair grew perfectly. So is it really that bad?

1 Answer

Blue Magic grease is considered "bad" because it can cause build up in the hair, make the hair dirtier, block out moisture and as it's a synthetic oil, it got a bad wrap in the Natural Hair Community in the early days.I swear by it, and use it on every wash day. It makes my hair flexible, seals in moisture for days, has some curl defining properties and is cheap. I use it once a week on wash day and no more. I have noticed it makes my hair dirtier quicker, but I wash my hair every week and it's no big deal. It also helps prevent breakage as it's thick and coats the strands. It saved my hair after some damage and I wouldn't go back. Blue magic is just Vaseline (petroleum jelly) with some dye and fragrance added. There's no magic to it really.