Where to buy Stearoxy Dimethicone/Behenoxy Dimethicone straight up?

1 Answer

I'm looking to buy some too.  If you contact makingcosmetics.com, formulatorsampleshop.com and ingredientstodiefor.com, one of those companies may decide to buy stearoxy dimethicone from the manufacturer and sell it in smaller amounts.  They are all online DIY cosmetic companies who sell ingredients for do it yourself Shampoo, Conditioner, Lotion and other cosmetics.  I have already contacted them by e-mail to ask them to pick up and sell stearoxy dimethicone because it is non toxic and partially water soluble.  I make my own shampoo and conditioner and It's good for curly hair.  However, I think they would need more than one person to ask them.The only other way to get it is to go to the manufacturer themselves.  The manufacturer will usually only sell in very large amounts (several gallons or pounds) and that usually cost thousands of dollars.Would you also be willing to contact the above companies I mentioned and send them an e-mail asking them to carry stearoxy dimethicone?  Please and thank you.