Can you recommend an alternative to Body Shop Cottonseed Curlboost

I've used the Body Shop Cottonseed Curl boost for years but it's just been discontinued.  Can anyone recommend an alternative product for type 2C hair that won't dry my hair out?  Preferably one available in the UK that I can use on damp hair to dry naturally.  Thanks!

1 Answer

Hi, I've been looking for an alternative to the same product as well since it was the best I've used. My type is 3B and the Cottonseed Curl Boos did wonders. So far I've tried Beyond the Zone's Noodle Head curling cream and it didn't work as well as I expected, if you want to try it I'd recomend you to buy the smallest presentation you can find so if you don't like the results you can move on fast. I've also tried the Yves Rocher Boucles Curls Sculpting Spray and is pretty good. I guess the results would be beter if I used the shampoo and conditioner as well but it doesn't work bad by itself. The only con would be that it doesn't last, I bought it about a week ago and I've already used half the bottle. I  live in Mexico so I'm guessing that if these products are available here, you might also find them in the UK.  Good Luck!