is cantu coconut curling cream good for twist?

I am newly natural for about 3 weeks now and I love it. I really just know how to do twist out and I'm find with that. I have used gel for my twist out and it works pretty good, but lately I have found that it makes my hair flakes a lot. I wanted to try some curly cream and I bought cantu coconut curling cream because it was affordable. what I noticed is it makes my hair very frizzy once I take the twist out. Is that normal? I thought maybe my hair as to get used to it. Can u just let me know your thoughts. I have 4a hair. 

1 Answer

I am not a huge fan of that product. I bought some too, but I noticed it flakes a lot. You would think it would work well with twist outs, but I think it is one of those products that can't be manipulated after it dries or it will flake. These types of products aren't conducive to twist outs.