Is CatWalk Curls Rock a bad product to use for the CG method?

catwalk curls rock amplifier works great on my hair, but it has a "cone" in it. I read something on this site that says that the cone it contains actually evaporates from your hair during drying, so it's ok to use, and then I've read other places that it's not ok to use. Anyone have any experience or thoughts on this product?

1 Answer

I have experience with the product, I didn't love it. However, my answer has to do with the 'cone. Cyclomethicone is NOT water soluble so if you are CG it will need to be removed with a sulfate at least periodically. There are lots of great products out there that are CG. Hopefully you can keep poking around and watch some videos and find something. Otherwise, just use it and clarify and enjoy your hair.  :)