Cheapest CG Products?

I need to know what are the cheapest of the cheap CG hair products. What are the cheapest co-wash, rinse-out, leave-in, gels, mousses, etc. I am on a super tight budget, $10 is pricey for me. Please help?  

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I am also on a budget and have found Shea Moisture products to be not just great for my 3a hair, but totally affordable. 

Hi, i can tell you probably are just beginning the curly girl method or your buying new products. :) Cowashing:

1. vo5- i believe they are $1.39 or $1.99 it appears to be good for cowashing :)

2.Pantene truly natural cleansing conditioner- is good but its better for a modified curly girl

Rinse out: I would recommend suave naturals conditioners i think its around $5 dollars but you should also check around you :)

Tresseme naturals nourishing conditioner  is amazing as well and is a staple for many curly girls.

Leave in: I Recommend Eden Body Works Coconut Shea leave in ( $8.00) i brought it from sallys beauty supply :)

For gel: I have been using ecostyler gel which is amazing but it gives me a lot of buildup, so i am switching to a DIY flax seed gel that is natural.

I personally don't use mousse because my hair need heavier items but for mousse i will say tresemme flawless curls mousse but I'm not sure about the ingredients because my friend with 3b hair told me all about it.

For moisturizers i say coconut oil or your favorite leave in mixed with water.

Good luck :)

 P.S. - i left a awesome video for what your asking 

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