Curl defining cream/pudding for 3b/3c?

Hi curlies! I'm trying to find something to use as the C in my LOC method. I currently use Miss Jessie's Leave-In Condish as my L (I get amazing definition and shine), and coconut oil as my O (more shine and it makes my hair soft). I have recently been using my Eden BodyWorks Leave-In as my C because as a leave-in it does nothing but sit on my hair (though it does provide some moisture), and I still need hold after using it. I'm trying to find a creme/pudding/custard to use, as I'm not a fan of gels. I've looked up a few products, but I just wanted to see if you guys had any ideas for products I haven't seen yet. Thanks!

5 Answers

I have tried many many products (I transitioned for 1 year and 9 months before big chopping) and I have had the BEST results from DevaCurl products (specifically One Condition used as my leave in & Ultimate Defining Gel). 
I understand :-( Maybe put them on your wish-list for your birthday or Christmas! 
HI!I have 3B/C curls too. I've been using Mixed Chicks Leave-in Conditioner for about 4 years now, and 90% of the time I love it! I recently discovered Shea Moisture products and have had excellent results with their curl enhancing smoothie. As the weather is getting hotter I've used their curl milk as well, its not quite as heavy. You can get this at most drugstores, which is a bonus! 
Can you help me with a curly haired man? I never let my hair grow naturally and do not know what kind it is, a hair 3c or 4a already have formed curls or remain with waves? ah chances of it being 3b? sorry my bad english... This photo is old (2 weeks ago) he grew up a little more, ta with 3-4 cm, and be on the same ways (with waves)
I think you should try Design Essential Naturals Honey curl forming custard with chamomile. It gives you great definition for curls. Smells great! You will not need a gel. This is my go to product for wash and go's.