Curl Defining Gel for Type 4 Hair? Eco Doesn't do it

So I got my hair cut into a cute tapered style. LOVE IT!! I predominately have a 4b curl type. I've used almost every type of Eco Styler Gel under the sun (except the brown one, I'm going to try that one next) but no matter how much I put my roots stay frizzy and my ends curl. Shea Moisture's custard also leaves my hair sticky and dries out my ends.Does any one have any gel suggestions that can define my hair from root to tip?

2 Answers

before I suggest some gels , I would recommend you do a mayo deep conditioner . I used a mayo deep conditioner in my hair before I washed it and it got rid of a lot of the frizz I had and added moisture and definition to my strands .i think it might help you But for the gels , I would suggest " as I am " curl jelly  it works for coils and curls. 
My hair is protein sensitive so mayo deep treatments make my hair unbelievably hard. Thanks for the gel suggestion!