there is no curly hair product in Egypt ,Any suggestion on how to hydrate my curls?

I am big chopping really soon and my hair is very dry and brittle and I was wondering If there is any natural alternative to hydrate my curls because my curls are dry and never form ringlets ,my hair pattern is weird It's very tight wave like a 3b but some strands form ringlet some are just tight weird waves but mostly a frizz ball but they never form ringlets because of dehydration ,and Is there any technique to define them

2 Answers

Try mixing water with very good oil  (castor  oil, olive oil, coconut oil etc) and seal it in with Shea butter.If you need products under you might find the products you need and I think they distribute to Egypt as well.x
try using a gel without alcohol or ingredients ... tey using all natural products  . This is a very good hair gel that soften hair without damaging it because it has , coconut oil and shea butter .. good luck !