Curly hair products in China/places without very many curly hair shops?

Hi guys! I'm a wavy/curly girl (a mix of all 2A/2B/3A/3B) of Asian descent, and obviously, I live in China. There aren't many natural wavies or curlies here, and most of us who are like to relax their hair to 'blend in'. So basically, there aren't many silicone/sulfate free products here, be it shampoo, conditioner or styling product. The only products I've found without any of the 'taboo' ingredients is the Mane & Tail conditioner, and most of the shampoos and conditioners in the Giovanni line, but those are very expensive compared to the other products containing ingredients that our curls don't like. Maybe it's because I don't live close to many shopping outlets, or I'm not shopping in the right places, I don't know. If anyone lives in East Asia or in a similar place/in a similar situation I'm in, what are some products you could recommend/shopping outlets to shop at with good curly products? Thanks!

3 Answers

To be honest I didn't find anything at the stores, watson's has a few products I was using got2b mousse and a curl cream from "syoss" (can't remember how to spell it).These worked and didn't work but I managed, later on I found out taobao. Go on taobao and browse brands you may find something. What I found and worked perfect for my hair was Palmer's coconut oil formula shampoo and conditioner, I had the loreal curl (pink one) shampoo to clarify once in a while, since that shampoo created build up. And to style I used coconut oil. You can also find coconut oil on taobao, get the tropicana that comes from Thailand. Sorry can't be of much help that's all I found after 5 years there :(
baking soda helps with the build up, and apple cider vinegar is also used as a rinse.. I've made hair gel with flaxseeds and I love it. 
Hi,Why not try iherb china? sells great curl-friendly products with good shipping rates. I buy all essentials from there.HTH