Curly hair products i Europe

I'm looking for products for naturally curly hair that is available in Europe .. I live in Denmark so it costs me a lot of money to buy products from CurlMart because of the very expensive shipping .. And I couldn't find any products on that I can buy here in Denmark .. I'm a 3b, and I'm looking for sulfate and silicone free products .. Hope anyone of you can help :)

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Dear ZozI understand you. We also miss out on all the buzz, contests, festivals, great hairdressers! Don't worry, CurlyRevolution will soon reach us too ;-) It's coming. I found a hairdressers that does Curlsys a 2 hours drive from my hometown and I hope in 5 years the scene will have changed.I used to get stuff when I went to the UK or when I was in the Netherlands (black hair shops).Try to find African or Asian shops in big cities, if you're lucky they have a small set of products.I also looked for websites to order affordable things online. I used to get Mixedchicks through and for example, shipping costs should be a lot less expensive than ordering via Curlmart.I knew someone who was going to the US and she brought me Jane Carter products and the remaining of her KnotToday leave-in to try out. All this trial and error period was to find better things (although I was already very happy with the things I found) and sadly because hair gets fed up of things after a couple of years. It's an investment but if you search hard you can make it less painful for your wallet :-)Recently they started selling sulfate-free shampoos in Organic shops in my country and a year ago I found a Yes to carrot conditioner in a Bioshop which is also great for soft curls. Now I am finishing my Curls Unleashed products which I ordered through this site: (at the bottom you can change the language) they deliver to Denmark too. My great olive oil gel is finished, my hair is a colored shortcut-grown-out mess so a new quest begins for products and a hairdresser while I remain patient and become a pro in twists and buns ;-)Good luck my curly friend! <3~
I can't help you, unfortunately, but I just wanted to offer my sympathies. Sounds like a tough situation. Hopefully some good stuff will make its way there soon. :)
Hey Zoz,I'd be curious about this too. I saw the BodyShop do sulfate and silicone-free shampoo and conditioner. I haven't tried them but I'm tempted to as sulfate and silicone-free products are quite hard to come by here on the European Continent. If you try it or find something that works for you let me know (I'm 3b too). All the best, Neige
I would ask them for discounts shipping if you buy bulk. I had been in UK business 2 months and Scientific Essentials sent them reasonably cheap - They have amazing sulfate and silicone free conditioner and shampoos and were great when I emailed them.They said their products are in Italy and Spain so far.
Hey Zoz, I also live in Europe and Have been struggling with the same problem since I've gone natural... I have however found some solutions to my problem. You can try the Dr. Organics brand. Their products are 100% organic(obviously)... I tried their Aloe Vera shampoo and conditioner, But I do have to say that the shampoo was not really working out for me because I didn't feel like my hair was clean enough after using it. The conditioner did a great job in making my hair moisturized though. After that I switched to a brand called "De tuinen" and it's a Dutch brand. I used their coconut shampoo which also conditioned the hair properly. It does contain sulfates but it is very gentle on my hair.My hair is also 3b btw.