Deep conditioners for damaged hair?

My hair is really dry in the middle and my roots became 3c. Also, especially in the front and ends are usually 2c/3a. It's hard to find products with this big of a gap and will heal the middle part.

2 Answers

I doubt your hair is damaged but like a lot of people you have multiple textures. The middle of my head is the kinkiest and driest part of my hair no matter what I do but A good deep conditioner will install moisture and you may want to add a protein treatment in every couple of weeks
If your hair is really dry you should try a deep conditioner that mainly provides moisture to your hair. I'm sure SheaMoisture has some and if you don't want to go for the store-bought DC's that might be expensive ( I'm not sure if they are) you can try making your own deep conditioner. Just follow the recipes available on this website, or just use conditioner as a base and throw in whatever natural products you want! It's really easy to find or make a recipe using ingredients you already have at home!