Detanglers That Aren't Conditioners???

I need a detangler that is not a conditioner(i.e. conditioners that you rinse out). Since I have begun working out, I've noticed that my hair and scalp feel "dirtier" more frequently. By frequently I mean I need to wash my hair afterwards if I want it to look at least presentable. I've managed to figure out that instead of constantly using my co-wash conditioner(Aussie Moist), which I only use mid-week, I can simply give my hair and scalp a good rinse by using just water. The problem is that my hair is super tangled afterwards. Because I would normally detangle in the shower with conditioner in my hair, detangleing has never really been an issue until now. So I now need an actual detangler for my hair(My doesn't handle leaving conditioner in it very well). I'm considering using either Johnson's No More Tangles Spray or Herbal Essence's Totally Twisted Curl Silkening Detangler but I'm not sure yet. I also need something that I can get fairly easily since I will be using quite often. So I would prefer to not have to order something from online. Any suggestions? Has anyone used any of the products I'm considering?

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