Devacurl = major breakage! Why and now what?!?

My hair is fine, thin, high porosity 3B and I used Devacurl products for less than 2 weeks. It is such a paradox to me- my hair felt amazing when I conditioned it, styled it, and shortly after it dried. But, by evening time it was a horrible frizzy mess and felt like straw. Then I noticed major breakage on my crown! Like major breakage, in just days. What went wrong? Now I'm back to my previous products (not sure why I even strayed from my trusty Shea Moisture High Porosity line) but my hair is acting weird. It still feels like straw and won't clump when it's wet to style, no matter how much product I use. It seriously feels like it did with silicones. What in the world should I do to get back to normal? Thanks! 

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