Did Eco Styler Gel NOT Work Or Am I The Only One?

Hay ladies, so sad to say, but the infamous Eco Styler gel just does NOT cut it for me! I found that this product left my hair flaky, & didn't define my natural curls like I thought it would. The one I used was the Olive Oil Eco Styler Gel as well as the original and both did nothing for my natural hair! Such a pity because I wanted to like this product so very much :(

2 Answers

I thought it was only me, i didnt use the olive oil one thought. But i doesnt feel like it holds my hair, i end up using quite alot and then the next day if i comb my hair its all flaky.
Eco Styler gel doesn't work for me either. It was really sticky, and when I scrunched my 3a/3b hair with the gel, it stuck to my hands when I pulled my hands out of my hair, and it actually made my hair less curly. I love the price though.