Does anyone with 3A hair use DevaCurl? How does it work for you?

I have 3A curls probably with some 3B too and DevaCurl doesn't seem to be doing much for my hair at all. My hair seems frizzier than it used to! Does DevaCurls work for you? If it doesn't, what does?

1 Answer

Hi,YES!!! Devacurl Delight is what I use because my 2c/3a curls are very thin and fine. It seriously is the best product I have ever used. I use the Low Poo every other day and the conditioner every day. I was SO happy when this product came out because the regular Devacurl was too heavy for my hair.I have two of their styling products as well. The Supercream and the Frizz Free Volumizing Foam. I use the Supercream when my hair is freshly clarified because it is more luxe and calms down that hot mess. I use Frizz Free for more definition or if it's really humid. It's lighter and more 'crispy' than the Supercream, which can weigh down my thin, fine hair. Sometimes I want it to look that way and sometimes I want it to look wild and big. The photo below is with Supercream....nice and mellow and super soft.