Does anyone have an advice on Protein Overload?

I dyed my hair last year. And i thought i perhaps need Protein in my hair.So I did some Protein Treatment. And my hair did feel good, for a time.Around the end of last year,my hair started breaking really bad.I didn't know what it was. Later on I saw that almost all my Proucts had Protein in them.Does anyone know how to get over Proteinoverload?And I also need some suggesttion on waterbased hair products

2 Answers

What I ended up doing was using a clairifying shampoo to remove the excess protein.  Then  I used a strictly moisturing deep conditioner.  
Counteract it with moisture, moisture, moisture! Deep conditioner and regular conditioner with NO protein. No coconut oil, coconut milk, avocado oil, products with banana, until after your overload phase is over seeing as these have protein. Only use them if its in super small quantities or being mixed/ diluted with something else. Also, if youre going to wash your hair make sure you pre-poo first because your hair is already dry and brittle from the protein. Continue to moisturize daily per usual. You can continue product with protein when you feel your hair is back to normal, in reasonable portions.Hope this helps, xo.