Does anyone know any other companies that make combing creams?

I watch this Brazilian vlogger on youtube that uses a combing cream on her curls and they are gorgeous.  I want to try this type of product on my hair but from what I'm reading most of these products are sold in Brazil and not in the US.  I know Carol's Daughter started making their own but I have had bad experiences with just about every hair product I've tried there (and I've tried almost all of them).  Is there any other hair company that makes this cream?

1 Answer

Optimum's Amla Legend and Vidal Sassoon both make combing creams. Honestly, all that a combing cream/creme is is a moisturizing detangler. They simply make removing tangles easier by providing slip and moisture. Products labeled as "detanglers" or conditioners with really good slip perform the same task of a combing cream and are more accessible.