Does anyone know of hairproducts I can use as a leave in that do not contain protein? Thank you!

My hair is 3b and protein sensitive. Does anyone know of a leave in gel or hair cream for protein sensitive hair? Thanks! I need to find products without silk protein, etc. Unfortunately, I tried Shea Moisture with great hopes, only to have it make a rat's nest out of my hair the next time after I washed it. ;( Any suggestions including brand names and stores available at in the USA, are greatly appreciated!! ;)

2 Answers

Mixed Chicks Leave-In Conditioner, My DNA Leave-In, Aussie Hair Insurance Leave-In :) Hope this helps x 
Your hair is beautiful!!!! I have very similar hair (3b) but mine is fine and thin. Someday I hope to grown mine as long as yours. I'm curious how you know your hair is protein sensitive. Since switching to all CG products, which includes Shea Moisture, my hair feels GREAT but the frizz is ridiculous. Could that indicate a protein sensitivity? Sorry to invade your post with my questions lol.