How well does the shea butter shampoo/conditioner work compared to the coconut-hibiscus?

I have 3A curls and was trying to buy Shea Moisture's coconut hibiscus shampoo, but accidentally bought the shea butter one. Does it work as well as the coconut hibiscus on 3A curls?

2 Answers

I'm sorry but I haven't used the coconut hibiscus shampoo yet but I have recently been using a shea butter shampoo and it's the best type of shampoo I've ever used, it absolutely makes my curls more defined and soft and I have 3C hair. I may have not answered your complete question but I hoped I've help. 
I have 3A hair as well and I have used both. I don't notice a difference between the two! Maybe the raw shea butter one is a little bit more moisturizing, but that's it.